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SOLAR-IS FREEDOM is exploring an opportunity to help empower people in Tanzania, Africa with Solar energy watch these videos and learn more. Over 1.5 billion people in the world do not have access to electricity.
The Taa Bora (Swahili for “better light”) serves as a flashlight, reading light, and overhead light. It is made from recyclable materials: plastic water or soda bottles, wood, and paper. It is constructed with simple tools, uses nontoxic adhesives, and employs the latest in LED technology.  It is efficient. One charge provides over 72 hours of lighting before requiring re-charging with the accompanying solar panel. The battery pack will last over two years before needing replacement. Since the Taa Bora is manufactured locally, it can be repaired locally.

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On Wednesday February 1st 2012 Jay Cole, Beth, and Dorothy will be traveling to Tanzania Africa. I will do my best to keep you updated on our mission. Here is a Google Earth video of where our mission will take us Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, and Ethiopia.


12;22 am Duluth MN time 7:23 am local time. We are off on TUKE 2012 left MSP happy we are now waiting in Amsterdam for our next flight to Dar es Saalam Tanzania. Another 8 hour flight I feel so blessed by God Amen.

Taa Bora solar light Micro Factory in Kambi ya Simba Tanzania with Green Energies the guys working are Paschal and Reginald  please check out for more on TUKE 2012 And Green Energies LLC 

Jared Musima National General Secretary YMCA Kenya with Reverend David Malaba looking at the Taa Bora solar light by Green Energies LLC.  Jared was very excited about working to develop a program in the villages of Kenya using the Taa Bora solar light to educate you about green technology.
 We left Moshi Tanzania early this morning for Nairobi Kenya through Rombo close to Mt Kilimanjaro this is the great view of Mt Kilimanjaro from the Kenya side. I found a great platform to get this shot from it was a police station check point on the border of Kenya and Tanzania. Rev. David Sparrow Malaba was looking for me when I police officer asked what I was doing with out their permission. I told them did not know the area was off limits. He let me go with after I already had captured the shots and been up on this balcony that had this awesome view.
We were staying at the Moshi YMCA Sunday March 11, 2012 and Reverend David Malaba knows many people and is well connected. This is Stewart Lyatuu National General Secretary of Tanzania YMCA and Lucy the catering manager.  They were looking at the Taa Bora solar light by Green Energies LLC with a keen interest in possible developing a project for the YMCA's branches in Tanzania.  I wreally want to thank Blacy for bringing us to Kambi ya Simba to film the Taa Bora micro factory I can not wait to get back to the US and edit a really nice story on the the Micro Factory.
 We stopped at one of the houses where the Green Energy team had installed a three light Taa Bora system. I wanted to capture a shot of the solar panel so I climbed on the roof of the land rover we rented to travel to Kimba ya Simba in Tanzania about a 3 hour drive from Arusha.  40 min on very rough roads many villages in Africa have no access to electricty.  We need your help to empower people across Eastern Africa with electricity. contact me at
 The Micro factory was exciting to see I really want to help to grow the Solar industry in Africa and the business model that Green Energies LLC is one solution that has the ability to create jobs and empower people in Africa.

We made it to Arusha on Friday and IV Blacy of Green Energies in Africa. We than spent Saturday driving to Kimba ya Simba where the first Taa Bora micro factory was started.  Here the guys are assembling a three room system of Taa Bora solar Lights.

When Sperancea came down from the roof she made the greatest comment about women empowerment.  Women do have the ability to change Africa please support women and men who want to help empower women in Africa contact to learn how to help.

 Sperancea and Jay Cole shaking hands after touring the Msandaka Lions Deaf Center.

Sperancea did a great job of climbing on the roof which I did not feel comfortable with.  She was able to capture some great shots of the Solar panels on the roof top of the computer lab.
 All the kids from the orphanage in Moshi Tanzania it is called the Msandaka Lions Deaf Center.
 Update on 3-11-12 we made it to Moshi and met with Reverend Christopher Amolo and his wife Sperancea Amolo she is a women solar engineer and we visited a deaf youth orphanage where she had installed solar electricity and Solar hot water for the dorms, classrooms dinning room, and computer lab.  I had to climb up on the tin roof a bit scary.

Update on 3-11-12 we made it to Moshi and this is a glimpse of Mt Kilimanjaro the largest mountain in Africa.

Our friends sharing the beautiful scarfs. We are helping around 20 to 40 families here in Addis by purchasing these scarfs. I will get a more accurate number on Thursday when we pick up our order. Keep watching TUKE 2012

In Addis Ababa Ethiopia the Birhane Ber Weaver Association Kechene Jewish Christians. These people have some beautiful scarfs that we are purchasing and bringing back to the States to sell. Order yours today at a discount of $25.00 to support our mission of Empowering Women and men to lead a better life and support themselves. contact me at and let me know how many you want us to hold for you.

Made it to Addis Ababa Ethiopia at 5:30 am 3-14-2012 got to the hotel and connected up with Beth Magomolla and Dorothy Taylor. We than went and took some great video of the people we are buying silk scarfs from weaving the scarfs beautiful work. I will upload some pictures when I get a better connection. I am on the balcony of my room and signal is low. But it is great to have wifi close to the room.

As we were heading to Kimba ya Simba to check out the micro factory these young men who are Masai boys were hanging out along the road side sporting there fancy traditional dress and face painting.  I asked Rev. David Sparrow Malaba who was with me whats up. They have undergone circumcision and this is there passage to man hood.  We captured pictures as we were driving by. 
 In Nairobi Kenya this is what they do to your car if you park in the wrong place.  You than have to go pay the ticket to get the spikes removed so you can be on your way.
 A beautiful full moon in Nairobi Kenya next close to Reverend David Malaba's home the night before we left to go to Arusha Tanzania March 8th 2012.
This is Meru near Arusha Tanzania as we rode the bus into Arusha.
We are at the YMCA Near the Kiberia Slums, Nairobi, Kenya where 39 women received loans from the Skyline Rotary and Invite God Ministry given out by Beth Magamola and Dorothy Talyor.  It was real exciting to see how appreciative the women were.

In the Kiberia  slums  of Nairobi, Kenya many of the teachers work with out pay fo weeks sometimes months.  Here we had the kids at school do a song for us I will up load this at a later date.

The Taa Bora Solar Light Training and Micro Factories by Green Energies LLC will change Africa and empower millions with the tools to become better entrepreneurs.  Rachel is learning about the Taa Bora Solar Light training.

Anivian IV at Global Field Evangelism Children's Home.  Meet Anivian she is one of 75 kids who stay at the Orphanage in Jua Kali Kenya.  learn more about the Global Field Evangelism mission at  And stay tuned to TUKE 2012 at

We made it on a Safari to Nairobi National park saw lots of animals Lions, Giraffes, many more.

I really Liked the Giraffes.

We finally saw some African wildlife when we were driving to Nairobi Kenya with Bishop Ben Bahati.  Zebra and Baboons.
 Dorothy buy buying some gifts in the Kibera Slums in Nairobi Kenya Beth is in the background.

Kibera Slums in Nairobi Kenya. we were interviewing ladies about the micro loans they received from the YMCA Nairobi and are going to be receiving more from the Skyline Rotary in Duluth, MN  learn more on this website about the Kibera Slums
In Jua Kali public school filming at a public school. About 50 or 60 of the over 700 kids at this school came from the orphange that Bishop Ben Bahati started his story is very powerful.  But even more heart wrenching is the some of the stories we heard from the orphans we talked to at the Global Field Evangalism home for children we stayed at for three nights.  Check out GFE website

They gave the kids what looked like orange drink the kids loved it.

 Bishop is saying some powerful words to encourage the kids who the church is feeding.
Here Bishop Ben Bahati is feeding some of the kids in Kamukunji Slum in Eldoret Kenya.

Great song from the kids of sunday school at the Anglican Church of Uganda in Kampala

We went to the Anglican Church of Uganda in Kampala it was fun filming the kids in sunday school.

We have many more pictures to upload but it is time to catch the bus to Kenya.  Here is one of the down pours we had in Kampala, Uganda it is the rainy season but we really have not had much rain on TUKE 2012 keep watching.

We decided to take the Bus because the Car Beth owned was in to bad of shape. Here is part of the adventure the bus broke down one hour into the the trip Broken Drive shaft. We were stranded in the African Bush of Tanzania for 4 hours long story finally a Bus came that was designed for maybe 60 people. We fit all of our people I stood in the front for 3 hours. That was not all we got to a spot in the road and a semi broke down and another Bus who ran off the road attempting to get around us. Stay tuned fro more TUKE 2012 at

 Beautiful sunset on Lake Victoria just before we set sail to cross the Lake it took from 9 PM until 6 Am to reach Bukoba on the other side. Lake Victoria is huge.
Picture of the ship Victoria.
 Loading Cargo look toward to Bow of the ship.
Several pictures of the ship we took across Lake Victoria called the Vitoria.  

Adams had to be dragged to the bow of the ship he does not know how to swim.  Many Africans have not had the opportunity to learn to swim.  Adams is a great guy we have been having a good time here on TUKE 2012.

Chocolate and Vanilla ice

 cream in Mwanza by

 Lake Victoria sooo good.
Lake Victoria near Mwanza Tanzania on TUKE 20112

TUKE 2012 Feb 10th - 25th lots of exciting things have happened. We finished up in Singda after we made a trip to Iambi to buy some crafts and meet a pastor who Beth knew, Back to Singida than to Katesh and Gendabi where we met with more women entrepreneurs, And Jay found a Solar shop and talked to the owners in Katesh very interesting. Than back to Singida where we had 3 flat tires. Got back and the power was out. Than we set off to Tabora bus broke down on the way there than ran out of gas as we got into town. Africa and buses an adventure. In Tabora we met with a church about starting a school this is a work in progress. Tabora was great met some business people who were very helpful. The owner of the Golden Eagle Al Nashir was awesome the rooms were great. Saw a library and talked to the Owners of DK Solar about a potential project. Than it was time to leave for Mwanza that was a challnege our bus broke down for 3 hours. They crowed all of into a bus than the road was blocked we made it to Nzega no bus to Mwanza stayed the night left for Mwanza and Lake Victoria. Met with some family members of Beth, and saw Lake Victoria. We decided it would be cheaper to take a ship across Lake Victoria it left at 9 pm and arrived in Bukoba at 6 am we had sleeper cabin and 6 people to a cabin Ladies in one guys in another we filled up. The ship ride was great stood on the bow and did the Titanic thing this ship did not sink. We made it to Bukoba where we toured a small radio station owed by Valarian great guy he had lived in the US for 5 years spoke good english and is doing some powerful things to change Tanzania with the power of the media. We finally made it to Uganda and Kampala where we met with Patrick Bongole and his team. Keep watching TUKE 2012 stay tuned here at Solar-Is Freedom

Golden Eagle Lodge where we stayed in Tabora very nice place the Owner Al Nashir payed for dinner for all of us the night before we left Tuesday evening it was a great meal.  Many more things to share about Tabora but will have to wait until we get back. We are uploading pictures from Mwanza by Lake Victoria.

Well it does not look like we are going to get any photos uploaded this morning.  We are preparing to leave Tabora Tanzania Tuesday morning to travel to Mwanza Tanzania in a car that Beth Magomolla owns we are having the car repaired we all need your prayers for this part of the trip.  That the Hias will handle the 90 miles of rough dirt road we have on the first part of the journey.  Once we reach Mzega Tanzania we will be on paved roads fro the rest of trip.  Tabora has been a very interesting place I am looking forward to sharing more of the images when we have a better connection. May God Bless us All and have a great Monday everyone.  

Banana sales at night they have to use candles or kerosene lanterns at the road side stands Solar Torches as they are called in Africa would be a good solution but there are many challenges with training people here.

Everywhere you look they have stands and people are selling something walls of shoes on the left.
A beautiful sunrise in Tabora, Tanzania.  A cleared field next to a major road looks like they might be building more homes eventually.  They have power in town but it goes out allot.

Tabora shopping mall. Oh yeah thats right pretty much every street has little shops on them. This building is partially finished which you see allot of in Tanzania. People run out of money and stop building homes, businesses it is kinda sad. Look at the logs on the top they use to support the top floor.

Rough Bus ride in Tanzania from Singida to Tabora we journeyed down a dirt road for about 4 hours it was 140 km about 90 miles.  It was rough and dirty than the bus broke down a fuel line.  They fixed it we made it to Tabora and they ran out of gas.  The day was a long travel day we caught bus in Singida at about 6:30 am first part was paved road than this rough dirt road a long day finally made it to Tabora at about 6:30 pm.  Check out for updates on TUKE 2012.

Bus broke down on the way to Tabora a great time to stretch our legs they got it fixed.
The best part about this day after a long bus ride was a relaxing hot shower and a place to sit and relax ahhhhh :) follow us on our journey Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, and Ethiopia.  TUKE 2012

Today was an eventful day three flat tires and three broken tire jacks made it back to Singida but the car we were using and Mr Mhana are still hanging out on the road.  At least the flat tires happened on a paved road.  We traveled to Katesh which is by Mt Hanang very beautiful but once we headed up to Gendabi the roads got real rough.  We got back to Singida and the power was out so they are running the internet cafe on generator.  We did get to stop by a Solar store and chat which was good.  
Jay getting some work done while we wait we got three flat tires today it was a tough day for Mr Sam Mhana.

We drove 90 KM which is about 60 miles to Nkingu, Tanzania from Singida it took us about 3 hours mostly on dirt roads.  We than met with a Pastor Mzengi's and headed over to another part of the village to buy baskets from 12 happy ladies.

We went to Nkingu Tanzania to buy baskets to bring back to Minnesota and sell.  There were 12 very happy women, the money will help them to feed there families.
Here is a selection of some of the baskets we choose from in Nkingu Tanzania on our TUKE 2012 mission.

One of the more challenging parts of Africa are the bathrooms learning to squat you have to be creative.  This is a bathroom at a persons home. 
Misigiri Tanzania Women Singing for Beth Magomolla as we arrive to talk to them about micro loans.

Crowded Micro Bus In central Tanzania Africa .  We had at least 12 people packed into this bus which is smaller than a Dodge caravan. We took the bus from Misigiri to Shelui Tanzania Afirca.

TUKE 2012 Feb 1-9th is a trip through Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, and Ethiopia the first part is documented in these pictures with the women and children singing music we captured. This is where we have traveled to so far. With Jay Cole ,Beth Magomolla, Dorothy Taylor, David Malaba, Adams Malaba, and Samuel Mhana to meet women entrepreneurs.  Who will be receiving micro loans when we receive enough donations and funding through sales of African Art. Our journey begins in Dar es Salaam for 3 days Feb 2nd - 5th. We Take a 8 hour hot Bus ride to Singida on the 5- 6 of Feb. rest day toured Singida. Jump in the Micro Bus from Singida to Misigiri to meet with Women at Christina Magomolla's home on Tuesday the Feb 7th.  We left Misigiri to Shelui by bus and stayed over night in Shelui.  On Wednesday Feb 8th Crowded 8 people into a Toyota Rav 4 stopped at Salt Mines no women were working there, in Nkonkilangi purchased 2 chickens put in car one was stuffed under Jay's feet. Met with women in Nkonkilangi to talk Micro loans. Ntwike school and Immanueli Magomolla's home.  Sekenke Gold Mines local people were mining. Met Women in Mgongo more Micro Loan talk. Met Women in Shelui and still more Micro Loan discussions. Stayed Night in Shelui.  On 9th took Bus to Misigiri Met with Women at  Christina's in Misigiri great singing and more micro loan talks. Traveled and Crowded 12 people in Micro Bus meant for six to Cross road for Kinampanda.
Met Car there were 7 of us in small car, to drive to Kinampanda to Meet with Women at Thomas Musa's home more micro loan discussions showed Thomas the Taa Bora solar light and Kiswahili booklet on Solar to teach people about use of Solar technology. Drove car to Singida. Met 200 women in Singida to finish the day talking about micro loans . On Friday 10th we rested in Singida for the day and Jay edited this video to share and a very slow upload to youtube. 145 mb is taking about 2 hours or so.

Ntwike Tanzania students sing Welcome to us. Here are the words translated in english.
Welcome our visitors and residents who have arrived in our school.
Come closer so that you can witness the development of our school. 
We are not left behind in education but are on top.
The students have respect for our teachers.
Ntwike primary school lies along the main road.

Here is some raw video of a Tanzanian Dinner in Singida motel thanks to Mr Mhana and family.

After a long day we were able to see some sights in the Singida area of Tanzania.

Beth Magamola stands by a huge rock near Lake Singidani.

Sunset on Lake Kintai near Singida

We Arrived in Dar es Saalam after a long flight.  Access to the internet is challenging. We are now in Singida which is in Central Tanzania. We spent 3 days in Dar es Saalam with family of Beth Magomolla.  We are traveling with Reverend David Malaba and his son Adams who just was blessed with a baby boy this morning at 12:36 AM very exciting for Adams.

Fish Market Bagamoyo Tanzania Indian Ocean

I wanted to share this Interview with a tour guide we

 had in Bagamoyo fishing village port. 

SOLAR-IS FREEDOM is exploring an opportunity to help empower people in Tanzania, Africa with Solar energy watch these videos and learn more. Over 1.5 billion people in the world do not have access to electricity.
Purchase the Taa Bora Solar light kit at Green Energies LLC and SUPPORT the developing world.
The Taa Bora (Swahili for “better light”) serves as a flashlight, reading light, and overhead light. It is made from recyclable materials: plastic water or soda bottles, wood, and paper. It is constructed with simple tools, uses nontoxic adhesives, and employs the latest in LED technology.  It is efficient. One charge provides over 72 hours of lighting before requiring re-charging with the accompanying solar panel. The battery pack will last over two years before needing replacement. Since the Taa Bora is manufactured locally, it can be repaired locally.

Here is a story on the Rural Energy Foundation lighting up Africa with Solar.

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Interviews from US Senator Klobuchar and US Representative Oberstar

A little Perspective of how US Rep. Jim Oberstar has been working on Solar from a Jobs Press conference in Duluth.

We are looking forward to the new TV show starting soon we went out and talked to some people to find what they know about Solar.